A busy day for social events

Saturday 8th June : Scarborough Archers entertained two social groups at our club range at Osgodby Lane.
First up at 9:30am were a group organised by Rob from Essex to celebrate Andrew’s (Robin Hood) forthcoming wedding. After a little coaching from club coaches Paul and Alison they competed in competition both on the targets and in our wooded Field archery course. Competition was fierce and medals awarded to the best 3 scores.

Next at 12:30 we entertained a much larger group from Scarborough Athletic Club organised by Jennie and Dawn. Again, after initial coaching by our Archery GB coaches, they were ready to compete. The scoring was high by both the men and ladies and everyone enjoyed the competitive fun atmosphere. Medals were presented to the best 3 scores for both men and ladies. Hope to see you all again soon.


“And Bully’s Special Priiiiize…”


Members enjoyed the fun of the Friday Night Darts night competition. As usual competition was keen and scoring was high. Incredibly no one managed to hit the bulls eye in the entire evening.

Prize winners in various categories were: Steve Carr, Any Bailey, Alison Humphrey, George Rabnett and Debbie Simms.

Date of next one to be announced shortly.

Cracking Easter Egg Shoot

Easter Egg Shoot 2019.
Once again our Easter Egg Shoot proved very popular with the members. We were treated to a perfect morning – warm, clear blue skies and no wind.

The quirky targets were kindly provided by Peter B and certainly made scoring interesting.

Prizes were on offer for different categories.
Prize winners were : Neil S, Steve C, Leigh H, Alison H, George and Wendy R, Grace M, John N and Bruce M

Scarborough 6th Form visit

Scarborough Archers were recently invited to Scarborough 6th Form College to introduce students to archery. Two of our Archery GB level 1 coaches, Alison and Paul, along with assistants John, Wendy and Phil explained to the group the basic history of archery and how it has evolved into an Olympic sport.

The students were then told about the safety rules as laid down by Archery GB.The group were shown the correct way to handle and shoot the bow.  The very enthusiastic and competitive students finished the session with a scoring round. The scores returned were very impressive, with a four way tie for first place. Finally they were tested on their new found knowledge. A very enjoyable and informative morning for all.

Second Souper Shoot of the Winter Season

The weather was kind for our second Soup Shoot of the winter, dry, bright and not too cold.  Once again our soup maestros worked their magic, Derek’s legendary tomato and Sean’s wonderful spicy black bean soup was just the job at the interval.
As per our usual Soup shoot rules, scoring only counted on white and blue, so it wasn’t easy. Metal arrows shooting at 40cm face, wood arrows at 80cm and “novices” at 120cm

The winning duo of Paul Wordsworth and Stuart Sherburn showed their class with a winning score of 250. Close in second place was John Ireland and Phil Pattison with 240.

Bringing up the rear (the strongest pair on the results list) were stalwarts Baz J and George R.  All three pairs taking home Scarborough Archers legendary fabulous prizes.

“Thank you” to Derek and Sean, Alison for sorting out the scores, and those members who helped to set up and put everything away afterwards.

Regent Spring Open Shoot – Jan 2019

Over a hundred archers turned up for the first open shoot of 2019 held at Regent Field Archers course near Bridlington. The weather was perfect, so lots of high scores were expected.

Scarborians fielded fifteen members shooting in six different bow categories, longbow, A.F.B., Hunting Tackle, Freestyle, Traditional Bow Hunter and Bare Bow.

Our top archer Ben came away with a bright shiny gold medal to add to his impressive collection and Richard, in his first open competition, won a medal in the freestyle bow class. many congratulations to both of our archers.

The Regent Team put on a great shoot with lots of new 3Ds including an elevated carousel giving a downward shot at predator and prey. The course flowed smoothly; it was hard to believe that there were over a hundred shooters in the woods; just the sound of peg groups making amusing comments about each others shooting techniques.

Christmas Fun Shoot

More than 25 members turned up for this years Christmas Fun Shoot. The Target theme this year was ‘Super Heroes’, and they were well and truly battered!
We were all delighted that Santa found time to join us, and even took part in the competition!

The tea, coffee, mulled wine and mince pies went down a treat, and with Wendy acting as line captain she kept the show running.

The winners of the usual fabulous prizes were : Men – Peter B. and George R. Ladies – Alison H. Novices – Phil T. and Leo K. Juniors – George, Toby and Ben.

The competition was followed by the Scarborough Archers Traditional Secret Santa Shoot, this was once again expertly organised by our very own ‘Arkwright’, Leigh.
Santa aka John Ireland, was rewarded for his appearance with a box of biscuits.
Thank you to all those members who helped to set up the targets and put everything away afterwards.

November Soup Shoot

It was a good turnout for the Soup Shoot despite the weather forecast. The weather was actually kind to us, as it started to rain just as we were breaking for our soup. The soup was delicious as usual thanks to the efforts of Derek and Sean. There was a slight hiccup when Derek couldn’t find a tin opener, but Peter saved the day with “ I just happen to have one”. Why would Derek want a tin opener for ‘home made soup’?? Sean’s spicey noodle soup was definitely home made and wonderfully warming.
And so to the archery, our excellent recurve archers were shooting at 40cm targets, archers using wooden arrows at 80cm targets and juniors and novices at 120cm faces. With only the white ring scoring 10 points and the Blue ring scoring 5 points it wasn’t easy. However, 1st place had to be decided by a shoot off between partners Steve Carr and Debbie Simms against Neil Simms and John Ireland (both pairs scoring 270 points). The eventual winners were Steve and Debbie. Other prize winners were Derek and Emma, and George and Neil Mc.

Day visit to Wild Geese – SUNDAY 22ND OCTOBER 2018

Eleven members of Scarborian Field Archers supported our visit to Wild Geese on Sunday. The weather was ideal and the course nice and dry, even in the lowland boggy bits. We had access to all the new facilities including a gas fired b.b.q., the new canteen building and the club meeting room.

The course was as challenging as ever with several newly positioned targets and several long shots to keep us in practice for future open competitions. We shot from ten a.m. until dusk made it impossible to see targets in the dense woodland.

Thanks to all.

ABBA Portsmouth shoot – 04 / 11 / 2018

Seven members from Scarborough Archers attended the Bridlington Open Portsmouth tournament on Sunday 4th November. George, Wendy, Natasha, Steve, Phil and Neil all shot recurve in the morning session. Scoring in general was high, and although our members shot well, no one quite got into the medals. This was Steve’s first ever tournament, well done Steve.
Representing the club in the afternoon shooting barebow was left in the capable hands of Pete Brown, (not shown in photo), who finished fourth in his class.

Thank you to members of Archers of Bridlington and Burton Agnes who run the tournament and provided hot food and drinks for the competitors.