Etiquette Guide / Code of Conduct

Most of archery etiquette is simply common-sense, the etiquette is meant to make the sport of archery enjoyable, to keep good humour and not spoil other people’s concentration. Following the etiquette helps we as a club to run smoothly, and reflect on both yourself and our club and enable everyone to enjoy the sport. Please note all etiquette rules need to be followed by anyone who is on the grounds of Scarborough Archers and during indoor shooting sessions.


  • Keep behind the waiting line when not shooting (unless you’re helping an archer with their form).
  • Noise levels on the waiting line and shooting line should be kept down while shooting is taking place.
  • Do not approach the shooting line just as an adjacent archer is coming up to full draw, and similarly, do not leave the shooting line under the same circumstances. Wait until they have completed their shot before you do anything that may distract them.
  • If there is still one other archer shooting as you are preparing to leave the shooting line, stay with them for company.
  • Don’t talk or exclaim on the shooting line.
  • Non-participants should not go forward to the targets with the archers (unless allowed to by the target captain). As archers are responsible for their guests, you can always ask the field captain for permission for them to do so if you wish.
  • Don’t talk to someone behind the waiting line, while on the shooting line and vice versa. This can hold up shooting, finish shooting all your arrows then stepping back behind the waiting line. You may do so if you need a spare arrow or piece of equipment.
  • Give your score to the target scorer in the following way: Highest score first, and in 2 groups of 3, e.g. 9-7-7 pause, 5-3-1, pointing at the nock of the relevant arrow as you do so.
  • Ask whether it is OK to draw the arrows once scoring is complete. Do not touch any arrows in the target prior to this.
  • When drawing other archer’s arrows from the target do so with as much care as if they were your own. Look behind you before drawing so you don’t stab anyone and hand the arrows back carefully so you don’t poke anyone with a sharp nock or pile.
  • Unless express permission is given by the owner, never touch other people’s equipment, not even the arrows in the target. The exception to this rule is when the arrows are found in the grass. The correct procedure there is: draw the arrow carefully out of the ground and stand it point down in the ground where it was found.
  • Help look for lost arrows on adjacent targets once your own target’s scoring and arrow collection is complete.
  • Don’t dawdle while retrieving arrows or while walking back from the target.
  • In the absence of the field captain, a senior archer on the field always takes on that responsibility.
  • When arriving at the club after the session has started, please remember to ask the archers already shooting if you may share their target. It may be that you could be interrupting a high scoring or qualifying round.
  • Don’t talk loudly when others are shooting.
  • Don’t talk to an archer who obviously prefers to be left alone.
  • Don’t offer advice unless asked for.
  • Make sure ringtones on mobile phones are not loud, as these can disrupt those shooting.
  • Don’t smoke on the shooting line or waiting line, please step away to the sides.
  • Don’t leave litter.
  • Help put up/put away the targets and equipment on the field. This will make you popular.

Target days and Tournaments

  • Don’t be late for tournaments, sighters will start at the time stated, anyone arriving late, can join the competition only if scoring hasn’t started. However, everyone is free to practice their shooting on competition days and arrive anytime.
  • Leave nothing on the shooting line, except for foot markers or spotting scopes, with permission from your fellow archers.
  • When shooting in 2’s, don’t place yourself on the centre mark.
  • Keep your equipment behind the waiting line.
  • Don’t walk up and down the line comparing scores.
  • Retrieve arrows which have dropped in front of the target before the scores are taken down.
  • Don’t go behind the target to collect your arrows until your score has been recorded.
  • You should offer to pay if you damage somebody’s arrows through your own carelessness.

Code of Conduct

Scarborough Archers follows the GB Archery codes of conduct listed below:
G-28-01 Code of Conduct – Adult Archers
G-29-01 Code of Conduct – Young Archers
G-30-01 Code of Conduct – Coaches, Leaders and Officials
G-31-01 Code of Conduct – Spectators, Parents and Carers