Hoods & Maids

Have you wondered what Hoods and Maids are ?  So did we! So we asked Hels, the editor of the Field Archery online magazine ‘ Field Archery News uk ‘.

This was her reply :
“The original notion was my way of celebrating stunning shots – both jammy and pure skill – that only Robin Hood or Maid Marion themselves would’ve been able to pull off.

It was also my way of trying to celebrate the shots we all either dream of hitting or are so lucky that they need scoring before they fall out of the target! We all – no matter what age or ability – seem to rack up a couple of these shots so it was also my way of trying to include more people and show off their shots and give them a mention as stars – albeit having stood in a blob of Hartley’s or just from being a blooming good shot.”

Below is a selection of some Scarborian Hoods & Maids shots.