History of our club

Formed in 1934, Scarborough Archers club celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2009.

The meeting at which the club was formed was held in Rowntree’s Cafe in Westborough on May 8 1934, under the chairmanship of Mr JW Butler and membership fees were set initially at five shillings.

Over the years Scarborough Archers has had several different homes, including Burniston Sports Ground, Oriel Cricket Ground, farmland which is now the site of Raincliffe School, North Bay, where Atlantis waterpark stood, Scarborough College, McCain’s Sports Club in Cayton, Seamer Sports Association, and the club’s current home on Osgodby Lane, between Cayton and Osgodby.

Today the club has over 50 members, many of whom shoot in tournaments as well as for pleasure at the club’s grounds.

Members mainly shoot recurve bows, as used in the Olympics, though new members of all disciplines and levels of experience are welcome.

History of our Field Shoot

This new group, within the membership of Scarborough Archers, came officially into being on 1st November 2015 when ‘Scarborian Field Archers’ was accepted into the NFAS (National Field Archery Society) and is now listed as a member of that body.

Our aim is to promote the enjoyment and skill of this  kind of archery which involves following a set course through woodland shoot 2D and 3D targets at unknown distances without the use of sights.

We have our own compact field shoot which is perfect for teaching field safety, shooting rules and scoring (which is quite complicated). Any member of Scarborough Archers may join us, there is no membership fee but we ask you to complete a membership form and become a ‘Provisional’ member until Colin, John or Phil. (who are full members of the NFAS) have taken you round the course and are sure that you are safe, understand the rules and the method of scoring. You will then be ‘signed off’ and become a full member and free to use the course whenever you wish.

We can also help you to become full members of the NFAS, should you wish to do so. This would enable you to shoot at any NFAS registered club – the closest to us being Wolfshead at Robin Hood’s Bay and Regent at Bridlington – and be able to enter any NFAS competitions.