Regent Field Archers (7th Jan) – Getting back into the groove

With Christmas over, it was time to get back into the swing of things and possibly burn off those extra calories from eating too many mince pies. It was one of the biggest turnouts club wise, with over 15 members showing up on the day, with a wide range of new and veteran members taking part for the club.

The recent rainfall didn’t help the already muddy conditions, making it more of a slip and slide than a field shoot competition. Although the improvement in the course proved itself popular, with many challenging shots now being part of the shoot.

Not content on having our highest ever showing on the day, we also had one of our most successful days medal wise. Although we will keep quiet on Andy’s record of winning six prizes in the raffle.

A great day once again, at Regent Field Archers.

Winners on the day

American Flatbow
3rd – Andy B.

1st – Tim

Barebow Juniors
1st – Ben
2nd – Dylan

Well done on everyone who took part in the first field shoot of the year. Next one is Wolfshead.


Down came the rain and washed the archers out – Regent Guest Shoot

Heavy rain, fog and flooded roads, all the way from Scarborough to Bridlington did not stop our group of seventeen archers and their supporters from arriving at Regent Field Archers, for a early 10am start. With the chance to try a full sized field course.

For some of our seniors and most of our junior archers it was their first experience of a 36 target course and four hours of continuous shooting. Those that are used to our smaller compact course were certainly up for the challenge.

As always Regent put on a fantastic days shooting, awarding medals for shooting skill and sheer guts and determination in foul conditions.

Well done everyone who were a great credit for our club.


Seven get stoned – (Stonebow October, 15th)

Even though this shoot was limited to six members from each club, Alison from Stonebow allowed us to slide in an extra keen member. It took us six hours to complete the course of fifty 3D targets. A challenging course with lots of shooting problems to solve including a long shot at a seven foot brown bear and a flying goose suspended from bungee straps so that it jiggled about in the breeze.

One sad aspect of the day was the final shoot as a Scarborian by John Richardson, who is moving back to Sheffield. (We’ll miss him… but not much). John has said he will turn up time from time on field shoots around the Yorkshire area, so all isn’t lost. We wish him the best of luck.

We thank Stonebow for a great day with good food and drink and the cheerful company of shooters from many northern and midlands clubs.

Cry Wolf – Wolfshead Open Shoot

Bringing home the pelts…

A ravening pack of ten Scarborian field shooters represented our club at the Wolfshead Open Shoot on Sunday 3rd September. Hunger was sated with some fine bacon butties and mugs of tea while we registered and paid our shoot fees. Fine weather and a good turn out of clubs gave us a sporting day over a strenuous and newly upgraded course with forty 3D targets of which ‘Wolf Hill’ was a great new challenge.

We came home with some medals. Adam won the gold medal as top junior shooter (his third open competition and third win – gold/silver/gold. An excellent achievement). colin won the silver medal in longbow. Medals for our youngest and our oldest members.

Congratulations to all our club shooters – individual scores improve each time and we continue to field the largest club group in every competition we attend, which does us much credit in the field archery community.


Regent’s Field Archers Open Shoot 23rd July (In the medals again!)

Despite the weather being predicted to be stormy weather all day. The group of Scarborough Archers were happy for the forecast to be wrong for a change, and it was a glorious day for the Regent Field Archers Open Shoot in Bridlington. With no need for an early start everyone was wide awake and raring to go.

This course is very easy to get round and is perfect for newer people who are getting into field archery.

In the end, Adam managed to get himself in the medals coming second overall in the Bow Hunter category, even matching his Dad’s score in the process, despite double checking the scores to see if he had actually beaten him.

Phil. was unlucky to be out of the running in the medals achieving a very good score of 500+, not so closely followed by John and Leigh, who had only one missed target around the course.

If you would like to shoot at Regent Archers and have an NFAS card, Colin is more than happy to give you more information regarding this.

Murder on the Scarborian Express

It was a grizzly scene on Sunday, 9th June. Where it was discovered that one of our 3D targets had met its maker. With a well executed shot, the weasel fell apart, with the arrow still stuck in the target. Fortunately, Craig the photographer was on the scene and managed to grab an image of the culprit. Although by strange chance, the photo has completely pixelated the culprit.

First Scarborough Archer to find the culprit at the archery field and tell them will win a prize.

No howling wolves, just howling wind + Adam in the medals! (Wolfshead)

The setting for the day. 10 points if you can spot the other group.

A huge number of Scarborian Field Archers went to the Wolfshead competition on Sunday 11th June. With three new shooters joining the ranks and taking part in a difficult shooting terrain, it certainly isn’t the easiest of courses to take part in on your first shoot.

The course has two contrasting areas to shoot, some dense woodland and some open moorland. Each providing a very different type of layout and shooting requirements. The moorlands once again proved to be the trickier of the two, with a few archers taking some tumbles, the odd snake being spotted and the howling winds playing havoc with the arrows.

Shef. John getting another kill.

In the end, it was more of a competition on who could lose and break the least number of arrows. With Phil, Craig and Sean having the most casualties, thus winning or rather losing that competition. Although Colin somehow managed to find his own arrow that he had lost a year ago out in the moorland, still intact and ready to shoot.

Craig found himself stuck (left), he never returned for the group photo. Some say he is still out there.

With the weather starting to turn a bit muggy, we managed to get finished just before the rain made an unwelcome appearance.

After the scores were totalled up, Shef. John, was unlucky by being 30 points away from coming in 3rd in the Longbow class. (One arrow) Phil was the top shooter in our group regarding the AFB class, breaking 400.

However, congratulations must be given to Adam, who came out on top in his Bow Hunter class on his first 40 target shoot. He certainly showed the adults how it’s done.

Well done Adam!

“It’s not very windy”

Five Scarborian Field Archers made the short drive (for a change), to Wolfshead Field Archers (26th Feb). The course that is nicknamed among us as the “arrow loser”. It’s a challenging course that is set over open moors and some woodland.

Shooting started off well for everyone, with some high scoring shots in the sheltered woodland, that was until we got onto the open moorland. Andy told us not to worry as his accurate weather report told us, “It’s not very windy”. We didn’t need to worry, although that was in regards to scoring, where everyone racked up 0 after 0, battling the 40mph+ winds, making both scorers have a nice break from adding up.

Shot of the day

Sean managed to get the shot of the day on the moorlands, which would’ve rivalled a compound shooter any day of the week.

A great but rather windy day, in future we won’t be getting our weather forecast from Andy aka Michael Fish.


Ewe wouldn’t believe it – Stonebow Field Shoot

A bitterly cold day welcomed the seven brave (or rather foolish) field archers, to the always friendly Thirsk based Stonebow Field Archers. Those that arrived early enough, managed to get suitable fuelled up for the day, with the great selection of food on offer.


We were wondering if Stonebow were going to allow us back on the course, after sheep gate. Which occurred when a member wrote into the field archery magazine and jokingly said they shot at sheep! Upon getting to our first target of the day, we were greeted to a woolly sheep on top of the target boss. Which matched the rather fetching sheep hats some of us were wearing.

The course offered a 25-target-course that was shot twice, for 50 targets, 10 more than the standard. The first time round being from the red peg, and then from the purple peg in a slightly different position on the second-time round. This provided variance, some deviously hard shots and a few broken arrows.

The shot of the day must go to Andy, who after a lunch break of Chicken Stew and cake, managed to get an inner kill off the Wasp peg, for a much needed 48 points.  A close second goes to the group effort where, everyone got a 20 point hit on a single target.. With the light starting to fade, shooting got a bit tricky towards the end of the day, although that didn’t dampen spirits.

Although no winners in the medal categories, we still managed to keep our winning streak going in the raffle. Thanks once again to Stonebow Field Archers for a great day.

Next field shoot is 26th February near Robin Hoods Bay. Colin has further details.