Regent Spring Open Shoot – Jan 2019

Over a hundred archers turned up for the first open shoot of 2019 held at Regent Field Archers course near Bridlington. The weather was perfect, so lots of high scores were expected.

Scarborians fielded fifteen members shooting in six different bow categories, longbow, A.F.B., Hunting Tackle, Freestyle, Traditional Bow Hunter and Bare Bow.

Our top archer Ben came away with a bright shiny gold medal to add to his impressive collection and Richard, in his first open competition, won a medal in the freestyle bow class. many congratulations to both of our archers.

The Regent Team put on a great shoot with lots of new 3Ds including an elevated carousel giving a downward shot at predator and prey. The course flowed smoothly; it was hard to believe that there were over a hundred shooters in the woods; just the sound of peg groups making amusing comments about each others shooting techniques.