Wild Geese 1st April – April Fools… Not so much

You don’t have to be draft, but it certainly helps; when you try to shoot in snow showers and ankle deep mud on a saturated field course. No moving targets, just moving archers, as we slid down the hillsides whilst trying to keep a foot against a red peg. It hurts even more when your fellow archers won’t let you have the score because of your misplace foot.

Twelve of us turned out to represent our Scarborian group, ten seniors and our ever cheerful and enthusiastic juniors Ben and Dylan, who did us proud by both winning gold medals. Roy came away with his best open result with a gold medal in the longbow class. Keith and Colin added bronze medals to our club haul of five, our best open result so far.

As you will see from the photographs we were slathered in mud from falls, mud holes and desperate attempts to stay on our feet, mud holes and desperate attempts to stay on our feet and look like professional archers. This course is challenging in perfect conditions… add rain, snow and quagmire and it becomes almost impossible.

But we did it, and came away with smiles on our faces. Well done to all our members.

Let’s hope for some better weather soon.