Wolfshead Field Shoot (25th Feb) – The Crocodile gets it. Finally….

With only a short drive ahead of us, the Wolfshead field shoot, is always a great day out. Although it can be tough under foot, with some tricky long shots that can prove quite a challenge for those that aren’t used to the distances, it always goes down well with all members that turn up.

With a bitterly cold wind effecting fingers, toes and shooting conditions, we weren’t expecting any amazing scores on the day. It even effected those that wrapped up too tightly, with one archer being overheard saying “I’m in urgent need of a wee but I’ve got so many layers of clothing on I’m not sure I can find it”.

Credit where credit is due though despite our initial doubts, scoring was decent. Graham and Adam, both got the infamous Crocodile shot, a long distance shot, with a very thin target, which has evaded most of the shooters. Getting two hits from two people in the same group is fantastic.

Winners on the day, were Colin, Dillon, Andy B. and Adam, who brought home the spoils.

In a rare occurrence Andy W. didn’t win on the raffle, with his luck finally ending.

We seem to be making a habit of winning medals at the minute, let’s hope it continues in the future.