Regent Field Archers (7th Jan) – Getting back into the groove

With Christmas over, it was time to get back into the swing of things and possibly burn off those extra calories from eating too many mince pies. It was one of the biggest turnouts club wise, with over 15 members showing up on the day, with a wide range of new and veteran members taking part for the club.

The recent rainfall didn’t help the already muddy conditions, making it more of a slip and slide than a field shoot competition. Although the improvement in the course proved itself popular, with many challenging shots now being part of the shoot.

Not content on having our highest ever showing on the day, we also had one of our most successful days medal wise. Although we will keep quiet on Andy’s record of winning six prizes in the raffle.

A great day once again, at Regent Field Archers.

Winners on the day

American Flatbow
3rd – Andy B.

1st – Tim

Barebow Juniors
1st – Ben
2nd – Dylan

Well done on everyone who took part in the first field shoot of the year. Next one is Wolfshead.