Seven get stoned – (Stonebow October, 15th)

Even though this shoot was limited to six members from each club, Alison from Stonebow allowed us to slide in an extra keen member. It took us six hours to complete the course of fifty 3D targets. A challenging course with lots of shooting problems to solve including a long shot at a seven foot brown bear and a flying goose suspended from bungee straps so that it jiggled about in the breeze.

One sad aspect of the day was the final shoot as a Scarborian by John Richardson, who is moving back to Sheffield. (We’ll miss him… but not much). John has said he will turn up time from time on field shoots around the Yorkshire area, so all isn’t lost. We wish him the best of luck.

We thank Stonebow for a great day with good food and drink and the cheerful company of shooters from many northern and midlands clubs.