Start of the indoor shooting season – New Venue!

After an almost mammoth task by most members of The Scarborough Archers. We were getting very close in being unable to find an indoor shooting venue. However after following up on a possible lead we managed to find and snag two slots that had recently opened at Scarborough Sixth Form.

After our first week we can official say this venue is fantastic. With more space for equipment, targets, better lighting,  better heating and a more central location for everyone, it certain proved itself to be a success on our first night, and even more successful on or second night. In the first week we had over 40 members enjoying the new shooting facilities. A roaring success.

Many thanks for everyone in the club, who tried their hardest to find venues, and also Sixth Form College, in helping us make the venue fit for purpose. Let’s hope this venue will be used for many years to come.