Scarborough College Group – Part Deux

We welcomed 34 Scarborough College students for an activity day on 23rd October. Conditions were almost perfect, which is a rarity for our target range.

A quick training lesson and safety rundown started the afternoon off. With a small check on their bow weights and arrows, then we were off.  Both sets of groups seemed to find the gold spot with ease, with many putting the regular shooters who were helping out on the day to shame.

The students were also shown around our field course, where they shot at foam targets, of animals typical found in the UK, such as badgers, foxes, boars and not so typical kangaroos and zombies. With our Zombie target nicknamed “Ron Weasley” and our moving kangaroo target, proving the most popular.

While the helpers were very tired, after a mammoth day. Seeing all the students enjoy themselves was well worth the effort. That concludes our Summer season, a great way to end it.