Busy week for the Scarborough Archers

After two corporate groups within a week, the Scarborough Archers thought they were going to have a rest. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, with a consortium of people ready to go to the Seamer Gala for the open day.

We were invited back to our old stomping grounds at Seamer to give people a taste of what archery had to offer, on a glorious Sunday afternoon. After a few burnt faces and being suitable stuffed with cake and tea, the hectic week at the Scarborough Archers had finally been finished.

Not to be out done, a few members even represented us at the Rigwelter open shoot held near Otley. Although no medals, it proved to be an enjoyable day for the small group who turned up.

Hopefully a few weeks of rest and the ability to start doing our own bits of archery again.