No howling wolves, just howling wind + Adam in the medals! (Wolfshead)

The setting for the day. 10 points if you can spot the other group.

A huge number of Scarborian Field Archers went to the Wolfshead competition on Sunday 11th June. With three new shooters joining the ranks and taking part in a difficult shooting terrain, it certainly isn’t the easiest of courses to take part in on your first shoot.

The course has two contrasting areas to shoot, some dense woodland and some open moorland. Each providing a very different type of layout and shooting requirements. The moorlands once again proved to be the trickier of the two, with a few archers taking some tumbles, the odd snake being spotted and the howling winds playing havoc with the arrows.

Shef. John getting another kill.

In the end, it was more of a competition on who could lose and break the least number of arrows. With Phil, Craig and Sean having the most casualties, thus winning or rather losing that competition. Although Colin somehow managed to find his own arrow that he had lost a year ago out in the moorland, still intact and ready to shoot.

Craig found himself stuck (left), he never returned for the group photo. Some say he is still out there.

With the weather starting to turn a bit muggy, we managed to get finished just before the rain made an unwelcome appearance.

After the scores were totalled up, Shef. John, was unlucky by being 30 points away from coming in 3rd in the Longbow class. (One arrow) Phil was the top shooter in our group regarding the AFB class, breaking 400.

However, congratulations must be given to Adam, who came out on top in his Bow Hunter class on his first 40 target shoot. He certainly showed the adults how it’s done.

Well done Adam!