Scorton Silver Arrow 2017

20th May 2017 saw the 309th shooting of the Scorton Silver Arrow competition, the oldest recorded sporting event in the world.

The competition this year was held at Rotherham, and is shot over a 100 yard range, with targets at both ends. Archers shoot only 2 arrows both ways. Traditional longbows or wooden bows are used but recurves are now permitted.

This year two Scarborough Archers entered. Andy Wiles and John Naylor pitted their skills against over 100 other archers to try to be the first to hit the black dot in the centre of the target to win the title of ‘Captain of the arrow’ and host the competition the following year.

Both members shot well in difficult conditions, with John’s best arrow hitting the gold, while one of Andy’s arrows found the blue for 5 points. Unfortunately it was on the wrong target !!

A nearby judge saw it and allowed him to register the score on payment of a ‘£5 fine’ into the ‘swear box’, the proceeds of which go to the captains charity.

After a 3 course lunch of roast beef with all the trimmings (and the odd glass of wine or two), the archers were ready to tackle the 100 yard shoot once more.

Although no prizes came back to Scarborough, it was declared a thoroughly good day.