Scarborough College Group – Skippy the not so bush Kangaroo

We welcomed two groups of Scarborough College students for an activity day on Saturday. Despite the slightly cold conditions, all were ready and raring to go for 2 hours of archery shooting.

With a quick training lesson from Phil, John & Derek, they tried their hand at getting the fundamentals down in a limited amount of time. Which didn’t seem too difficult for both sets of groups, with them all taking to it like ducks to water.

After a few ends the students were given a quick history lesson by our resident in chief longbow shooter Colin, who talked about how archery started and the different types that are undertaken. He even let the students test their strength at the 50-60lb longbow, which provided some varying results.

The students were also shown around our field course, where they shot at foam targets, of animals typical found in the UK, such as badgers, foxes, boars and not so typical kangaroos and zombies. With our moving Skippy target proving a favourite among the group.

Then it suddenly got serious with the introduction of a competition, with the fabulous prize of a Scarborough Archers medal up for grabs in each group. Special mention must go to Billy who had the best score of the day, with a score that would rival anyone at the club. With a score of 173/240 and 39/40 hits, it meant he had an average score of 7.2 per arrow. An outstanding score for someone who had never done it before, he was the undisputed champion of the day.