“It’s not very windy”

Five Scarborian Field Archers made the short drive (for a change), to Wolfshead Field Archers (26th Feb). The course that is nicknamed among us as the “arrow loser”. It’s a challenging course that is set over open moors and some woodland.

Shooting started off well for everyone, with some high scoring shots in the sheltered woodland, that was until we got onto the open moorland. Andy told us not to worry as his accurate weather report told us, “It’s not very windy”. We didn’t need to worry, although that was in regards to scoring, where everyone racked up 0 after 0, battling the 40mph+ winds, making both scorers have a nice break from adding up.

Shot of the day

Sean managed to get the shot of the day on the moorlands, which would’ve rivalled a compound shooter any day of the week.

A great but rather windy day, in future we won’t be getting our weather forecast from Andy aka Michael Fish.