Ewe wouldn’t believe it – Stonebow Field Shoot

A bitterly cold day welcomed the seven brave (or rather foolish) field archers, to the always friendly Thirsk based Stonebow Field Archers. Those that arrived early enough, managed to get suitable fuelled up for the day, with the great selection of food on offer.


We were wondering if Stonebow were going to allow us back on the course, after sheep gate. Which occurred when a member wrote into the field archery magazine and jokingly said they shot at sheep! Upon getting to our first target of the day, we were greeted to a woolly sheep on top of the target boss. Which matched the rather fetching sheep hats some of us were wearing.

The course offered a 25-target-course that was shot twice, for 50 targets, 10 more than the standard. The first time round being from the red peg, and then from the purple peg in a slightly different position on the second-time round. This provided variance, some deviously hard shots and a few broken arrows.

The shot of the day must go to Andy, who after a lunch break of Chicken Stew and cake, managed to get an inner kill off the Wasp peg, for a much needed 48 points.  A close second goes to the group effort where, everyone got a 20 point hit on a single target.. With the light starting to fade, shooting got a bit tricky towards the end of the day, although that didn’t dampen spirits.

Although no winners in the medal categories, we still managed to keep our winning streak going in the raffle. Thanks once again to Stonebow Field Archers for a great day.

Next field shoot is 26th February near Robin Hoods Bay. Colin has further details.