Junior Archers show the oldies how it’s done

There is no doubt about it, field archers are a tough breed, fact proven by the turn out for our first club shoot of the 2016-2017 season. Howling wind, bitter cold, intermittent rain and stinging hailstones did not stop seventeen Scarborians trying our newly redesigned course.

We were delighted to see our juniors shooting; they all bravely persevered even when fingers were frozen into claws and they produced some spectacular results. George shooting a total of 260 points to win the Junior Trophy which he will hold until the next round of the competition. Congratulations also to Harvey, Zach, Toby and Adam each of who put up creditable scores and will be sure to challenge George in the next round.

Our lady members Katherine and Caroline had only two scoring points between them at the end of the contest.

The redesigned course seemed to flow quite well; Andy’s mobile kangaroo was a great hit, although not many did hit it. Shooting from the platform in the trees added a new dimension to our course. Less popular was the doughnut… seniors had to adopt strange poses to shoot and juniors had to leap into the air… but at least it was a challenge (back to the drawing board!)*. It was a great turn out. Many tahnks to everyone for supporting our small group. (Although, not so small now, we have over thirty Scarborian field archers; best of all, nine juniors and four lady members).