Wild Geese Open Day

This was a great opportunity for Scarborians to try out a full sized course which is normally only open to registered NFAS shooters.

David Bowen and his team team made us welcome and, despite miserable rainy conditions at the start of the day, our group entered into the spirit of field shooting. It was a challenge for members who had not experienced a course over rugged country with the probleems of adjusting to shooting uphill and downhill and over greater distances than we have at home.

A little daunted at first but gaining confidence as they progressed, everyone came out with a smile and tired legs. Special congratulations go to our junior members Toby, George and Eliza for their courage in tackling this difficult field course.

My thanks to everyone who turned out to support this venture.

Money raised from the open day went to the Children’s Heart Foundation.

Many thanks to Wild Geese Archers for a great experience.