Slip sliding away

We have shot at moving targets before but shooting at a target whilst moving was a new experience for us. Torrential rain on the Saturday before the shoot and continuing rain on Sunday morning meant that we were in for some muddy conditions, but there turned out to be a source of great amusement when one of our team struggled up a steep embankment to reach the red peg. Dutifully placing his leading foot against the peg and releasing his arrow just as feet began to slide back down the hill. The problem then was – were we going to allow his score to count?

Despite horrible conditions Wild Geese Archers’ welcome was as warm as we have come to expect from this prestigious shoot. An open fire in the reception glade and a vast amount of food and drink throughout the day kept us going over the six hours it took us to complete the new course layout.

Andy, Colin, (S) John, Keith and Phil. represented Scarborian Archers and all shot well in spite of rain, mud and wet feathers when fletchings collapsed.