Wild Geese (North Yorkshire Challenge)

22nd May 2016

Twenty-nine clubs were represented at this prestigious field event with over a hundred archers taking part. Demand for places was so great many had to be turned away, such is the reputation of this field archery venue.

Baz, Keith and Colin represented Scarborian Field Archers.

As usual Wild Geese put on a spectacular event, organisation, planning, preperation and our reception was hassle free and very welcoming. Vast quantities of food and drink were freely available all day; bacon butties on arrival, chilli for lunch and a non stop supply of sandwiches, cakes and sausage rolls etc. Additionally, there were feeding stations at strategic points on the course.

The shooting course was physically demanding, winding its way through a steep sided valley with 3D targets located in naturalistic settings. It  took us several hours to complete the course.

We had the pleasure of the company of Howard and Dave from Wolfshead Archers on our ‘peg’ group. We set off with the intention of enjoying the day’s shoot and that certainly happened thanks to the friendliness and cheerfull banter amongst our groups; proof of why field archery and field archers are such a great bunch of people to spend a day with.

An archer, covered in mud, red in the face, emerged from the woods with a smile from ear to ear and was asked ‘What sort of a round have you had? …reply… ‘terrible, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it’. That clearly summed up the day.