The Scorton Antient Silver Arrow


The Scorton Silver Arrow competition is described as the oldest established sporting event in the world, dating back to 1673 when it was first shot in the village of Scorton, North Yorkshire.

SCORTON 2016-1

The competition requires archers, preferably with longbows or wooden bows, to shoot only 2 arrows each end to targets at a distance of 100 yards.   The targets are situated at both ends of the range, so the arrows are shot both ways.   Each target has a 3″ black spot in its centre.  The first archer to hit the black spot is deemed to be the new ‘ captain of the arrow ‘ and is required to host the following years tournament ( providing that he is a Yorkshireman)

At the end of the morning session, all archers are invited to join the captain in a 3 course luncheon and to attend the AGM.   The afternoon session is followed by High Tea and prize giving.

This year, four members traveled to Bedale, North Yorkshire to compete in the 308th shooting of the tournament.

Colin Greenway ( who had to retire ), John Naylor, Phil Pattison and Andy Wiles all shot well in difficult swirling windy conditions.   On the 2nd end, Andy almost claimed the Silver Arrow with an incredible shot finishing less than 1″ from the black spot.