Souper Shoot

We all look forward to Derek Simpson’s winter soup shoot, to his delicious homemade brew, it is rumoured that Derek personally treads the tomatoes in his bath.

Sixteen club members shot in the competition, on a cold and breezy morning. We were secretly paired so that we did not know who we were shooting with; the two scores combined at the end of the session. Scoring was only permitted in the white and blue rings; some of us had trouble finding the white and blue but were knocking the stuffing out of the gold – a complete reversal of normal shooting (Sid’s law).

Half time; a rush for a hand warm round the fire brazier thoughtfully set up and tended by Harvey (assisted by his Dad) – a cheering mug of hot tomato soup which we all enjoyed and no one seemed to mind the odd toe nail or corn plaster.

Top pair were John Ireland and Adrian Hornby with 295 points, second were Derek Simpson and Paul Wordsworth with 290 points and the spot prize went to Keith Morris.

A pleasant and sociable morning.

We thank Derek Simpson for our internal warmth. Harvey for our external warmth and John Naylor for our infernal competition.