Scarborians’ first tournament

Sunday 24th January 2016 saw the entire membership turn out for our very first tournament on home ground. Our field course is compact but beautifully marked with 3Ds, some bought, some donated, and the best ones home-made by Andy and John.
First pleasure was to present Leigh with the first Scarborian badge to come off the production line – he designed the badge for us and we wear it with pride.

John Naylor set the bar with the top score of 230 points with several other members close behind; so watch out John, we is after you, init? John was presented with the course trophy which he will keep until one of us beats his score.

Thanks to all our members for making the day a success and for supporting our embryonic field archery group.

P.S. You will see from the photographs that we now have, thanks to Andy, our own wild boar mascot….. (it’s really a wart hog; so he’s called Boris Goodenough.)