Wild Geese Field Shoot

We were quietly adding up our scores when there was a crashing in the tree canopy and a squirrel plummeted to earth at our feet. It lay there looking up at us; we couldn’t decide whether it was stunned or just embarrassed.

Nine of us spent a fabulous day as guests of David and Natasha at Wild Geese Field Archers who made us royally welcome to their first class field course. We were met by Natasha and escorted to the shooting base to be greeted by David and Terry and a wonderful aroma of frying bacon.

Almost too full of bacon and sausage butties to move we eventually divided into two groups and set off to shoot, led by Natasha and David.

The course took us through a steep sided and thickly wooded valley where 3D targets were placed in natural settings making us try to solve problems of shooting up hill, through trees and into dark places. This must be one of the best field courses in the country.

Back at base Terry had laid out a wonderful lunch for us; pies, quiches, sandwiches and cakes; a stunning display.

Despite bulging stomachs we bravely went out again in the afternoon to shoot a second round.

A terrific day; good company; good shooting; spiffing food; fine weather. We thank David, Natasha, Terry (and Millie the dog) for giving us a day we will remember for a very long time; may Wild Geese Field Archers ‘live long and prosper’.

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