The Siege of Burton Constable 2014

On the anniversary of his magnificent win, Colin the Earl of Greenway, gathered his men together  to march once more to Burton Constable.
His band of loyal bowmen consisted once again of Sir John of Malvern, Phil, Duke of Scalby and Big John of Beck. Sir Keith aka The Butcher of Proudfoot didn’t make it this year due to being wounded in a skirmish the previous day!  and Baron Baz couldn’t make the contest because he was moving to a new castle,  but he was replaced by Squire T Jay, a fine young up and coming bowman of reknown.
The group gathered in the grounds of Burton Constable Hall at around 11am, tired and weary after the long march, but after a hearty breakfast, they were ready to meet the challenge at 11:30am.
This year the theme of the contest was a food forage.  Items of fruit and veg were won by hitting difficult spots on the target.
At the break for lunch, the fruit and veg store was looking a bit bare, but after a fine lunch provided by the ladies Jean and Jeanette, battle recommenced.  Both Colin the Earl of Greenway and Big John of Beck managed a good haul of spoils, with Sir John and Duke Phil adding their share,  but it was squire T Jay who came home with a trophy for finishing in second place.
The day finished, as usual with an Agincourt volley.  Big John of Beck claimed to have hit one of the ‘Frenchies’ but as no blood was found on his arrow as proof he was awarded a bag of veg.
A great day was had by all and are looking forward to next year which will be based on the 400th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt.
Burton Constable 2014 004-1