It was a bright Sunday morning on June 9th as the company of Longbow archers sent from Scarborough Archers marched towards Burton Constable Hall, their purpose : to bring back the spoils.
The company, consisting of Sir John of Malvern,  Colin – Earl of Greenway,  Phil – Lord of Scalby, Baz-Baron of Crossgates,  Squire Keith aka ‘ The Butcher of Proudfoot ‘, and Black John of Beck arrived at around 10 o’clock and set up camp in the grounds.  The call to arms came at 11 o’clock and battle commenced.
During the morning, Colin – Earl of Greenway was magnificent, raining arrow after arrow into the heart of the target.
A break was called for refreshments, provided by the travelling cake wenches, Ladies Jeanette and Jean.  After the break battle  recommenced, with Colin eventually emerging victorious,  taking the winners medal for most hits.
The battle ended with an Agincourt Volley aimed at stuffed ‘Frenchies’ in the next field, 100yds distant. Collin scored a direct hit.
After the presentation the weary company of archers began their trek home in high spirits chanting their motto ‘ Sagitta erat cum decam religui arcus ‘ ( It was a 10 when it left the bow ), vowing to return next year to defend Colin’s medal.