York Record Status FITA 18

Thirteen members of Scarborough Archers travelled to York on Sunday to compete in the World Record Status FITA 18 tournament. Thirteen was not an unlucky number for the club members as Sarah Monteith won the trophy and gold medal in the ladies re-curve category. Phil Simms won the gold medal in the under 16’s ( making it his third gold medal in three outings to York ) and James Biggs won the gold medal in the under 12’s.
Both Sarah Monteith and Neil Simms were awarded FITA target badges for achieving scores of over 525 and 500 respectively.
Although this was the first time most members had shot in a FITA World Record event, every member shot well and returned creditable scores.


Photo shows l to r : Andre Martin-White, Neil Simms, Sarah Monteith, Baz Johnson, Steve Griffiths, John Naylor, Alistair and James Biggs, Phil Pattison, Phil Simms, Derek Simpson, Roger Greaves and John Woodfield.