Field Archery Roundup

On Sunday 11th November, Sarah Monteith and Pete Liley attended a field archery tournament near Barnsley. This was the first time in Scarborough club’s 78 year history that a field tournament had been attempted.
The tournament was the Doncaster & District Archery Association’s Championships – hosted by Dearne Valley Archery Club.
The day was memorable for a variety of reasons – it was Remembrance Day and at 11am all archers stopped shooting for a 2 minute silence, the dappled sunlight through the autumnal trees in the frosty woodland, and the sight of British Olympic archer Amy Oliver helping out her home club by making bacon sandwiches and serving tea whilst recovering from a shoulder injury.
All archers taking part enjoyed the day and were very welcoming and friendly. The weather was cold (4C) and it was still frosty when the archers started the round but there was no rain and little wind to speak of.
The round consisted of shooting animal target faces (tigers, bears, squirrels etc.) on various gradients and at a variety of unknown distances throughout the woodland setting.
Both Sarah and Pete had only ever shot a field archery round 4 times before but both shot well on the day with Sarah coming first and winning the gold medal in her category (Ladies Recurve Barebow) and Pete coming second in the Gents Recurve Barebow category.

On 9th December 2012, two archers from Scarborough travelled to Barnsley to take part in the 30 Target Big Game field archery shoot which was held by Dearne Valley Archery Club. Archers travelled from near and far to compete in the tournament with over 40 archers taking part.
Both Pete Liley and Sarah Monteith only recently took up field archery, although they are experienced target archers, and this was only their 2nd tournament.
The weather was cold, 5C but with a wind chill factor it felt more like 1C, but the winter sun shone and there was no rain. It was as good a day as you could expect given it is December.
All archers enjoyed a good days shooting with Pete scoring a personal best and Sarah winning the gold medal in the Ladies Barebow category.
Team G.B. Olympian archer Amy Oliver was there to help out with the running of the day (as Dearne Valley is her home club) and also to present the medals to the winners.
All in all it was a great day out even given the bone chilling conditions.

On January 6th 2013, two Scarborough Archers attended their first field archery tournament of 2013.
The event was held at Regent Archers near Bridlington and archers taking part followed an NFAS 30 target unmarked course.
The weather was fine at 4C although part way through the morning the mist rolled in and made visibility in the woods trickier.
This was the first time that Pete Liley and Sarah Monteith had visited Regent field archery course and they both shot well.
Sarah took the gold medal in the Ladies Barebow Category (the win is her 3rd in a row), whilst Pete came 4th in the Gentlemens Barebow category amongst a strong field of more experienced archers.