Letter received November 2012

I would like thank you all for giving your time to manage and promote Scarborough Archers.  My child has benefited immensely from having joined the club and I felt it appropriate to formally share my gratitude for all that you do for the club and its members.
I am aware that the resignation of the Chair and Secretary forced you to act and elect a new committee.   It is evident that we elected wisely and that you have all adapted well to your new roles.   It is also clear that you are working collectively to ensure the needs of ALL club members are met.   In my opinion this has changed the whole dynamic of Scarborough Archers for the better.

It is notable that there is now a strong committee presence whenever the club shoots.  In addition, I also respect the way you all work together, actively supporting each other and always working for the good of the whole club.  Furthermore, it is such a relief to observe how all communication and delegation of tasks is now conducted without condescension or ridicule.

The style of coaching has also changed since my child joined in 2010.   Roger and his helpers are consistently kind, patient and totally unassuming.   They have introduced a much more positive style of encouragement and coaching.  I have regularly observed first hand how this approach works especially well with the junior members.   A more positivite ethos and improved style of coaching has in my opinion clearly influenced the marked increase in membership.
The decision to introduce a “follow up” and to offer a clear line of communication to ensure people are not left “cold” after the Beginners Course is a vast improvement.   I can only commend this innovation and also share that I wish it had been the case when my child attended a Beginners Course in 2010.   My child did join the club immediately after completing the course but, unfortunately was to receive no further contact- not even emails regarding club events. This was not at all welcoming – so well done!
Please accept these compliments and note that it is easy to see how hard you are all working together as a team.  You are united as a committee and very successfully promoting both Archery and the Club.  This totally reinforces my confidence in your ability to manage Scarborough Archers.
A Grateful Parent