Minutes of the meeting held Thursday 30th August 2012

Minutes of Meeting on Thursday 30thAugust 2012

People present:

Neil Simms

Phil Simms

John Naylor

Paul Oates

Geoff Smith

Angie Smith

Derek Simpson

Alistair Biggs

Colin Greenway

Colin Ehrengryber

Barry Johnson

Roger Greaves

Apologies from Keith Wilson for not being able to attend due to work commitments.

Meeting started by Neil at 7.13pm. Neil read out the resignation of the Chairman Pete Liley and the resignation of the secretary Sarah Montieth. Neil thanked both Pete and Sarah for their work over the years and Roger for his work with the beginners’ courses.

Nominations for the post of secretary. John nominated Angie seconded by Paul. Geoff proposed John as temporary club Chairman who was seconded by Paul.

It was discussed that we need a safety officer / Line Captain Geoff offered himself and was seconded by Neil.

Sarah said she would like to be the Web Officer but it was the committees decision that as she was no longer a member of the committee then it would not be recommended. Angie was elected as Web Officer. Derek was proposed to become a member of the committee as events officer John proposed and Geoff seconded it.

Paul has been elected to be Coaching Officer but to liaise with Roger. It was discussed that we should give some form of aftercare once beginners have finished their course. Paul suggested some kind of handout to trainees. Angie suggested we reintroduce a certificate for when they have completed the course. Colin was asked to do copies of handouts.

It was discussed that we should have string making sessions to do at a later date. Geoff has asked that any members of the club with any equipment please return it asap and there will be a book in the shed as from Friday for all equipment to be signed out so everyone knows where everything is. Items can only be borrowed on Monday evening, Wednesday evening, Friday eveningand Sunday mornings and a list of equipment will go in there soon.

Meeting ended 7.30pm.