Shooting practice update

This Wednesday will be the last indoor shooting session of the winter season as The Blue Dolphin holiday park is reopening and will now need use of it’s sports hall.

We will be there from 6.30pm till 8ish on Wed and from then till we commence the outdoor season (on Wed 28th March at 6.30pm at Seamer Sports Association) there will be only Sunday morning shooting practice at Seamer (from 10am).

Shooting nights this year will be:

Monday               6.30pm till dusk

Wednesday        6.30pm till dusk

Friday                    6.30pm till dusk

Sunday mornings from 10am till midday

All of the above sessions will be held at Seamer Sports Association on Pasture Lane, Seamer.

(The first week when we are outdoors we will be shooting from 6pm to give us more shooting time before it’s dark. After that shooting will be from 6.30pm till dusk.)