Club competitions for Winter season

From John (Tournaments Officer):This winter we will be running two competitions, one indoors and one outdoors.The indoor competition will be a Portsmouth round (5doz at 20yds).

Members can enter a maximum of 6 scores, between now and the end of March, with the best 4 counting for a total score. Entrants must nominate a counting score BEFORE commencing the round.

The outdoor competition will be a Frostbite round ( 3doz at 30m) shot on pre-arranged Sunday mornings (weather permitting or following week etc.) so all competitors shoot in same conditions.

Same scoring format as indoors. There will be trophies for the winners and medals for 1st, ,2nd and 3rd places.


The first Frostbite round will be shot on October 16th.  Please be at the range for 10 o’clock,  sighters at 10-15am.   Please try to make it, the more competitors shooting the better.