Postal League update from Trevor

Portsmouth Postal

Scarborough                 180 -1602 – 54

St Kingsmark Archers    180 -1590 – 49

There will be medals awarded for the top 3 overall scores in the Postal Portsmouth and Frostbite Leagues.

These will be for the best scores shot at Frostbite and Portsmouth.

There is a possible 5 scores for each from November to March and the best 3 count, so everyone has a chance. This way you can miss 2 or have 2 bad ones disregarded, so turn up and give it a go.

I also need the scores for the handicap shoot – it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are – everyone has a chance.

The December Frostbite will be on 12th December 2010.

The December Portsmouth will be on 15th December 2010.

This Sunday the November Frostbite Round was shot at the field (3 dozen arrows, 3 arrow ends, 2 ends of sighters) against Bowflights Archery Club.

The scores to go forward for the postal Frostbite (shot in a temperature of -9C!) by a dedicated group of archers who turned up and shot in terrible conditions this Sunday and praise to them all:

Roger Greaves  269

Richard Duston 254

Paul Oates        242

Well done.